Business Analytics

What is business analytics?
Analytics is simply the science of analysis. Specifically, business analytics is the analysis of data, metrics, performance or statistics that impact or influence the financial outcome of a business activity. Business Analytics can be summed up in a series of five fundamental questions:
  1. What has happened?
  2. What is happening?
  3. Why is it happening?
  4. What effect is it having on the organization?
  5. What options do we have to improve our position?
Our Business Analytics process begins with the end in mind. The first step in a successful business analytics project is to define the business goal through a set of questions that will result in a clear picture of:
What needs to be accomplished
What is the expected financial impact
How the results are going to be utilized
With a clearly defined objective, we can put in place an analytical strategy that will provide the necessary information and analysis to meet the goal.

Internal Analytics

Finance – with the creation of data growing exponentially, finance professionals need to incorporate advanced data analysis into their decision making process. Financial decisions are often made based on assumptions of risk and return. Using available data to build predictive models can greatly improve the probability of success.

Accounting – one of the main objectives of an accounting department is to provide accurate and timely information. Accounting Analytics can identify areas that are reducing the effectiveness of meeting this objective. Accounting Analytics can also be used to predict future results that can be used for budgeting and benchmarking.

Human Resources – the use of analytics in human resources is slowly becoming accepted by HR professionals. HR analytics can be used within HR to optimize your hiring process, reducing turnover and increase employee loyalty.

External Analytics

Marketing – data has always been viewed as a key component of marketing, but the overwhelming amount of data available to marketing professionals can be more of a hindrance than a help. Through marketing analytics we can condense your data down to its key variables to make it more transformative. Segmentation of data can provide insight into behaviors and tastes. Marketing Analytics can be used to create two-way engagement and help determine how and when to interact with customers.

Customer – client acquisition is often the main goal of an organization. But what about retention? Future growth is often driven by a firm's current customer base, not the new customers they acquire in the future. One of the most effective customer analysis that can be performed is on customer acquisition, development, and retention (ADR). Customer Analytics will increase your knowledge of your current customer base, understand what converts a prospect into a customer, and how to turn that customer from a low level customer to an A level customer.

Surveys – most surveys are generic customer satisfaction surveys. We can help you design surveys that will lead to actionable information. By understanding what the business goal of the survey is, we will design questions to meet that goal, use Survey Analytics to interpret the results, then develop a strategy based on the data to generate results that exceed your goal.

Financial Management

CFO Services

A CFO is responsible for overseeing a firm’s financial and operational activities. CFOs work to have an intimate understanding of the business in order to address business needs, needs such as establishing business metrics, and variables that impact cash flow. CFOs also serve as partners and advisors to assist with strategic planning and funding future growth. We provide firms with experienced CFO talent on a part-time basis.
  • Financial, Business and Strategic Planning and Implementation
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Develop key metrics and benchmarks
  • Risk Management
  • Manage relationships with financial partners (Investors, Banks, CPA firm)
  • Financing strategies for growth and expansion – private equity and debt financing
  • Business Trends and Analysis
  • Financial and Management Reports and Performance reviews

Controller Services

Our Controller Services provide your firm with an industry-experienced professional who has extensive experience working with small to mid-sized companies. Typically we work on site in order to work directly with you and your team.
  • Budgeting, Forecasting, and Projections
  • Business tax management
  • Monthly close
  • Review accounting work and internal controls
  • Design reports and dashboards
  • Expert with QuickBooks
  • Improve accounting procedures and processes

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