Our Mission

Our services provide our clients with a true competitive advantage. There are very few professional service firms that share our focus on partnering with entrepreneurs and small-business owners to provide them with the financial, operational and strategic expertise needed to grow their businesses. We bring a wide range of experience in many different industries and company sizes, and an unwavering commitment to your success.

Financial Consulting

Business Startup and Established, Growing Companies
When starting or running your own business, managing the financial components on top of operations, sales, staffing and business development can be quite overwhelming. Queue Tremont Consulting Group. We understand the struggles that you can go through to properly and successfully build your business and as such provide the tools necessary to ensure your operation runs smoothly. Our services include:
  • Implementation of internal analytical strategy (Finance, Accounting, HR)
  • Investor support (meeting prep, presentations, reports)
  • Financing strategies for growth and expansion – private equity and debt financing
  • Financial models and forecasting
Part-Time and Interim CFO Services
Whether you don’t quite have the workload for a full-time CFO or you’re in need of support while searching for a permanent replacement, we provide the financial support and guidance tailored to your needs. Our CFO Services provide your firm with an experienced professional who has extensive expertise working with start-ups and small companies. Our value-added service can be for as little as 4-5 hours a month or as much as 20 -30 hours a week.
  • Financial strategic leadership
  • Cash Flow, revenue and expenses analysis
  • Review accounting work and internal controls (expert with QuickBooks)
  • Improve procedures and processes
  • Monthly and quarterly reviews
  • Employee performance reviews

Business Advisory and Education

Obtaining valuable advisory support is essential to the growth of small businesses. With proper financial and business management education, businesses can set themselves apart from the competition and be better poised for long-term success. We offer guidance and expertise in the following areas:
  • Finance team recruitment and development
  • Owner coaching and mentoring programs
  • Financial mentoring and coaching
  • Finance education for non-finance managers and leaders
  • Business management coaching for new managers

Reporting and Analytics

Analytics is simply the science of analysis. Specifically, business analytics is the analysis of data, metrics, performance or statistics that impact or influence the financial outcome of a business activity. Our reporting and analytics process begins with the end in mind. For companies both large and small, start-up and established, we work to evaluate your business objective in order to pinpoint key measurements of success and growth potential.
  • Budgeting, forecasting, and projections
  • Development and reporting on KPIs
  • Customer analysis (acquisition, development, and retention)
  • Business market trends and analysis
  • Financial and management reporting
  • Marketing data analysis

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