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Part-Time and Interim CFO/COO services | Cash Flow, Revenue and Expenses Analysis

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Business Strategy | Team Recruitment | Coaching, Mentoring and Onsite Training

Metrics and Reporting

Discovery and review of KPIs | Customer Analysis from Acquisition to Retention

Our company has experienced incredible growth in our first two years and Tim has been an important resource for us. He has helped us make better, more informed decisions about significant CAPEX acquisitions and he has helped us navigate changes and make improvements to our operations and our culture. The services he provides have been a great value-add to our company and team.
Travis Lee
From the first day I stared working with Tim he provided guidance, expertise and leadership that was instrumental in our team and our company reaching our goals. Tim is a great listener and he took the time to learn about not only about our company, but also to know our team as individuals. He made a lasting impact that made our entire company better.
Cristina Hernandez
VP Business Development / The Verna Myers Company
Tim is a great resource for our management team. His experience, industry knowledge and unbiased advice has really helped us more efficiently manage our business.
Matt Malloy
Co-Founder & CEO / Dorchester Brewing Company
We have been working with Tim for years and he has been a much-needed advisor and business expert. When our business experiences growth spurts, we often need to redesign our business processes and metrics, and that is when we call Tim. He comes in, quickly grasps what roadblocks we are hitting and implements methods to remove them so that our business can continue to thrive. He’s great to work with and is very good at what he does.
Manny Makkas
Tim has been the ideal virtual CFO/COO for our company. He has exceeded expectations by providing great client service and guidance for our growth. He is responsive, kind, and supportive not only of our business goals but also that of each individual -- their personal and professional goals. He is very willing to help with just about anything and is very experienced with being a CFO and COO. He takes the time to understand our company's strengths and weaknesses and collaborates with others in planning strategy(ies) for the company. He has also been very good with delegating work to others as part of his way of helping individuals learn new skills. Tim is very patient and has a great sense of humor. We would hire Tim all over again for any other venture.
Jennifer Simpson
Operations & Business Development / TVMCU
Tim added tremendous value to our company. He provided us with much needed leadership, strategic thinking and business experience. Tim also led our company through a significant change in our culture, from one focused on deliverables to a culture that embraced our clients and creating hero’s. He taught us to value each other in a way that enhanced our individual and team performance. Tim’s a great guy, smart and dedicated to what he does. He’s been a wonderful addition to my company and I’m confident he’ll be the same for yours.
Vernā Myers
VP, Inclusion Strategy / Netflix
Tim has been an invaluable resource since day 1. His comprehensive knowledge of finance, marketing, and operations has been essential to helping us develop systems and best practices to run our business in an efficient and organized manner. And the fact that he’s fun and easy to work with is the cherry on top.
Adam Romanow
President & Founder / Castle Island Brewing Co
With Tim's guidance, we have made a complete restructure of our business which has not only helped us in recognizing who will be the right "fit" for our studio, but also how to work smarter, not harder. With the tools Tim has provided us, our business is flourishing how we envisioned. We are very thankful to have him onboard and highly recommend him and his team!
Angela Cannistraro
Tim has been an instrumental partner in developing our strategies and product capabilities. His knowledge and expertise helped us design a product that delivers real value, which in turn generates substantial value for our firm.
Christopher Delaney
COO / IngageHub

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Tremont Consulting focuses on partnering with clients who have 1-100 employees. Our client engagements range from 4-5 hours a month to 20+ hours a week and we do all that we can to work within your budget. Some of the industries we support include: Manufacturing, Finance, Professional Services, Packaged Consumer Goods, Home Services, Technology.