What is Business Analytics?

Analytics is simply the science of analysis. Specifically, business analytics is the analysis of data, metrics, performance or statistics that impact or influence the financial outcome of a business activity

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Future of Financial Management

In a recent article in Strategic Finance, published by The Institute of Management Accountants, “The future of the accountancy profession lies at the intersection of finance, technology and information.”

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Our Mission

Our services provide our clients with a true competitive advantage. We are committed to providing our clients clean, transformative and intelligent information that they can use to improve their financial results.

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Data & Analytics

"...data is the fuel and predictive analytics is the engine that firms need to discover, deploy and profit from the knowledge they gain.”

(The Forrester Wave: Big Data Predictive Analytics Solutions, 2013)

Tim has been an instrumental partner in developing our strategies and product capabilities. His knowledge and expertise helped us design a product that delivers real value, which in turn generates substantial value for our firm.
Christopher Delaney
Co-founder / Behavioral Analytics
With Tim's guidance, we have made a complete restructure of our business which has not only helped us in recognizing who will be the right "fit" for our studio, but also how to work smarter, not harder. With the tools Tim has provided us, our business is flourishing how we envisioned. We are very thankful to have him onboard and highly recommend him and his team!
Angela Cannistraro
Tim has been an invaluable resource since day 1. His comprehensive knowledge of finance, marketing, and operations has been essential to helping us develop systems and best practices to run our business in an efficient and organized manner. And the fact that he’s fun and easy to work with is the cherry on top.
Adam Romanow
President and Founder / Castle Island Brewing Co